In 2012 the word PEACE served me well as our family barreled towards a lovely, heart-wrenching crisis.

In 2013 the word FOCUS surfaced time after time in many ways in my relationships, writing and self-care.

My One Word for 2014 is TRUTH.

truth in love

In each of these three instances, the word that bubbled up for me was something I was reaching for, striving for, not quite mastering.

In the past few months I have recognized the need for TRUTH–learning and speaking my own, and discerning then acting on the truth around me.

Art by Beata

Art by Beata

I love how the artist made this lady look serene, but not overjoyed.

Truth blindsides.

Truth shocks.

Truth is often delivered by a gut-punch.

Truth sometimes is unbelievable, takes time to process, and requires a period of recovery.

Mareike Böhmer Graphics

Mareike Böhmer Graphics

On the up side…

Truth is a worthy journey.

Truth is deserved awareness.

Truth breeds authenticity.

Truth is productive and fertile and unifying and an effective tool of discovery.


What is your One Word for 2014?

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