Be Thou My Calzone


I’m preparing to participate in a Staytreat this weekend with the yute. What is a “yute” you may ask? The answer shall be found while watching a period masterpiece of historical fiction–a Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei classic, full of one-liners known far and wide as My Cousin Vinny. You’re welcome.

In an effort to save money, we are staying in town and studying the concept of “Chazown” which sounds a lot like “calzone” and makes me hungry for one. However, Chazone is actually the Hebrew word for vision.  Now that I have learned that, I have visions of cheesy, bready goodness dancing in my head, however I don’t think that’s the point.

It is an interesting journey I am on, finding this Chazown and ending up somewhere On Purpose, along with my chosen 2014 Word which is TRUTH.

Oh and also?  There will be jumping at Cloud 9 trampoline center.  So it’s not all, you know, homework.

Working through the Chazown leader prep process, I discovered that some of my core values include HOPE, RELATIONSHIPS and HUMOR.

My Spiritual Gifts Assessment shows TEACHING, WISDOM, HOSPITALITY, FAITH and WRITING/ENCOURAGEMENT for my top 5.  For some strange reason NETFLIX BINGE WATCHING wasn’t listed.  I definitely excel in that one as well.  Otherwise known as PRONE YOGA.  I may need to speak to Craig Groeschel about adding those two.

I will be participating with my girls in making a timeline of life events and circumstances.  Mine will be about 4 times as long, chronologically, as theirs, but we will all have significant events which will help point us in the direction of our purpose and vision for the future.  One of my favorite things in life is that no painful circumstance or dumb mistake is wasted in God’s economy. I’m saving this activity to do together with the ladies along with our purpose statements.

We will all end up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.  Even though I value spontaneity, still I want to be one of those few people who knows where they are ultimately headed in life.  I want to refine my dreams, my purpose, and make a plan for getting there!

And if there are calzones along the way, SO BE IT!

Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart;

Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.

Thou my best Thought, by day or by night,

Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

Be Thou my Wisdom, and Thou my true Word;

I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord;

Thou my great Father, I Thy true son;

Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one.

Be Thou my battle Shield, Sword for the fight;

Be Thou my Dignity, Thou my Delight;

Thou my soul’s Shelter, Thou my high Tower:

Raise Thou me heavenward, O Power of my power.

Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise,

Thou mine Inheritance, now and always:

Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,

High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art.

High King of Heaven, my victory won,

May I reach Heaven’s joys, O bright Heaven’s Sun!

Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,

Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.



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