Hope & Humor


This time last week I was preparing to hang with some youngsters as we all figured out our Chazown (VISION) for our lives. This includes figuring out your core values, reviewing past experiences, and assessing spiritual gifts.  Turns out Netflix Binge Watching and Prone Couch Yoga were not on the assessment or the list of core values.

I narrowed my actual core values to these 5:




humor (humor)


The longest and most thoughtful part of this experience was determining chapters for my Past Experiences.  It wasn’t that easy for the <14 year old set either.  What’s a turning point?  What’s a milestone?  Who are my significant others?  (Please don’t say mom & dad)…Once that section was completed it looked like this:
1) God is stable and I can trust Him.
2) Change is necessary.
3) Death is not the end of a relationship.
4) Hard times develop perseverance, resulting in hope.
5) Purpose can be found easier with God’s help.

Finally, my spiritual gifts assessment revealed these:




Taking all that information into account, I came up with a purpose statement:

to engage with others, pointing them to God using hope and humor through writing.

Have you figured out the vision for your life?  Do you want to end up somewhere on purpose?  Chazownify yourself!  www.chazown.com I’d love to hear what you learn…


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