Love Always


Envision yourself sitting on a warm beach, dozing with no danger of sunburn while the warm breezes and the ocean waves sing a lullaby over you.

When you look around, you notice that you are sitting in the middle of a massive sand-drawn heart.  As you stand and survey the message, you realize that the design goes on and on.

sand art

Each grain of sand part of a whole.  Beautiful alone, lovely even randomly spaced, but breathtaking when arranged as a part of a grander picture.

A long walk follows as you greet others, observing their play, hearing bits of authentic conversations and receiving their smiles as you pass.  Your mind is filled with gratitude, inspiration, and peace.

Back at your spot, invigorated by your stroll, you take a snack from your bag.  It is tasty, healthy and satisfying.  You have enough to save, enough to share.

The rest of your day has you looking forward to the next task or outing without feeling rushed, but with a spirit of adventure and anticipation.

The rest of your days each look better than the last.

When unexpected sadness comes your way, you easily can find, retrieve and experience endless comfort.  This type of love and care is never depleted–always available.

Likewise, when a loved one mourns or hurts, you are equipped to sympathize, care for them intelligently, and find creative ways to love them anew.  They heal with you.  You heal with them.

The truth is that the relief and intimacy that develops during awful times becomes greater than the felt loss or need.  Memories of loss and void are vividly accessible and sometimes surprising.  Joy and sorrow mingle, intertwined in an indescribably way.

Each night looking back on the day, you are pleased with your accomplishments, and have ideas for another dawn.

You know you have loved well.

You know you have been loved well.

This is what faith looks like.


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