Graduation Weekend–Whitney style


Now there are 4 (count em) F.O.U.R. adults living under this roof. 

Wes came home from Davis & Elkins in mid-May and got right to work at Ocean Breeze.  That’s exactly when things started ramping up for my Class of 2014 Kellam High School graduate, Whitney.  First came prom:


Then came yearbooks, yard signs and yellow stoles & tassels:


As I prepared for the influx of family, cleaning house and prepping for the party, we experienced the highs and lows of internet ideas:

Martha Stewart said that frozen water balloons would be more colorful & festive than a bag of ice. 


I couldn’t disagree more. 


Pinterest promised an exhilarating celebratory entryway:


But it wasn’t raining in that picture.


But once family arrived and stage was walked and party commenced, there was nothing but laughter, fun and celebration together.



We are so proud of you, Whitney!



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