Lyft Driver Meet Up at King’s Dominion


Excitement built with my two teens as cars of all shapes, sizes and colors sporting their proud pink mustaches began approaching.  Drivers from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD and Hampton Roads, VA met up near King’s Dominion Theme Park in Doswell, VA on Wednesday, June 18.   What started as a “what if” thread on our NE Driver page, with some help by our awesome Social Event Coordinators became an epic day of memories for 30+ Lyft Drivers.

One by one, families, carpools and single drivers hopped out in the nearby parking lot, offering smiles & fist bumps to friends, old and new.  Lyft Mom Maggie (DC) approached the group with gusto inviting anyone and everyone to “get their ass a shirt” from the back of her Lyftmobile.  Adrian and Amanda (VB) were thrilled to replenish their supply after the creative transformation of their previous Lyft shirts into tank tops.


Brandon (DC) took several photos of all the mingling.  After wishing John (MD) a happy birthday we were off to the park.   It was decided we would all meet inside the park at the Eiffel Tower in a few hours for a group shot.  Families and groups formed as drivers dedicated themselves to mixing and meeting drivers from other cities besides their own.   It was delightful bumping into other cheerful Lyfters throughout the park and seeing random groups in line, at the wave pool or cooling off in a restaurant.   There was plenty of opportunity to spread the Lyft Love when other people asked about our shirts, our ‘staches, and our happy demeanor in such heat!

The 97 degree temps didn’t slow us down for a minute.  There was sweat and sunscreen and scrambling for shade, but the smiles never faded.   At our in-park meetup, our group had grown even more so we took more selfies in the shade as well as the big group shot.


Advice was given about the Dominator and the Intimidator, encouragement distributed to ride the Volcano and the Flight of Fear and it was assumed that all would eventually spend time in Water Works.  As we compared notes on rides instead of riders we enjoyed yet another thrill of being a Lyft Driver. Our Northeast region got a little smaller that day. As they say at King’s Dominion, RIDE ON!


**Thanks for the great photos, Brandon!  Tweet him! **



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