Your Day in Court


Have you ever noticed that different rooms, houses, buildings have a certain aura about them?  I have sensed certain emotions in many places I have been–schools, churches, homes. 

I have a friend in court today.  It is not a fun place to be.  No one chooses to spend their day in court, but it is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons.  Some are more noble than others.  I have noticed when I go to the courthouse, that there are lots of “vibes” there and the air seems heavy with the emotions and attitudes of so many people.  In a weird way, it reminds me of what my daughter says about Thrift Shops:  “It smells like strangers.”  A courtroom is thick with previous decisions, heavy hearts, regret, denial and fake apathy.

I have been to court many times in several different states.  And not always for jury duty, if you get my drift.  I went early recently and spent some time people watching.  Policemen, attorneys, court personnel and of course judges spend hours a day in courtrooms all over the land.  Like doctors in a hospital, they must guard themselves against the emotions and the attitudes of the many people they serve, while doing their jobs with excellence. 

Today my prayer for my friend is that she will be a living, breathing, walking example of “the peace that passes understanding” in the courtroom proceedings she is involved in, and that every person in the building will experience a ray of the hope and holy presence that has carried her to this point.  If not a word is uttered, I pray God makes Himself known in that place–both for her comfort and that of everyone around her. 



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