Walmart Twins


I only had a few items as I was checking out at Walmart yesterday.  As the last item was being rung up, a sweet lady behind me had two cases of Coke on the belt after me.  As I was about to get my total, she tapped the case and said to the cashier with a twinkle in her eye, “These are hers too.”  The cashier chuckled and said, “Oh…are you two related?  She’s your daughter?”  The gray haired lady behind me said, “Nope.  My sister.”  I was shaking my head and smiling like, “Uh, NO,” while trying to figure out if I should offer to pay for them–or how not to.  When the cashier and I shook our heads at this unexpected conversation, the cashier jokingly asked the lady behind me, “Older sister or younger?”  I quickly responded, “Isn’t it obvious?  We’re twins!”  We all had a good laugh and I insisted on getting a photo with my “sister.”  I said goodbye and “see you at home” and the cashier thanked us for making her day.

Long Lost Twins


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