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The Last Word on Truth 2014


My One Word for 2014 has been TRUTH.


After looking up quotes, posting about it on Instagram and Facebook, setting up a few Pinterest pages, the real work began.  I have listened for it, sought it out, attempted to speak with love and accept it with humility.  As the final minutes of the year tick to a close, I am more attentive to the word itself and examples of truth that I see all around me.

I originally chose this word because I had some bad habits which include:

selective sharing,

intentional omission



sometimes a little something I like to call “extreme feelings preservation”.  I realized that these were all versions of lying and that if I was to become a woman of integrity and one who values honesty, then I would need an extreme truth makeover.  I would need to become more discerning in my opinions, more deliberate in my thought life, and perhaps speak a lot less!  That became one of the easiest ways I have found to keep myself from speaking falsely or in a careless way.  (Though it is NEVER easy for me to speak less!)

Truth has been an uplifting word for me as well, as I found some truth in myself—some good habits that began in my childhood that are now bearing fruit.  As I became bolder in speaking truthfully, my relationships grew, my words became more thoughtful, and the fears I was fiercely holding onto diminished.

truth doily

This year brought another set of birthdays for our family, another set of milestones in parenting, and some new career challenges and adventures.  I found a new truth about myself that I am capable of finding and beginning a new career and creating new goals.  I found the truth that being a minister happens just as commonly outside the walls and programs of my local church, as it does within on Sunday mornings and during Life Group.  I found the truth that creativity doesn’t need hours of peace and quiet to manifest, but the product can in fact happen before the inspiration as a result of discipline.  I found the truth that if I do seek God first, then all the other things that I forgot that I wanted so badly—skills, desires and talents that He has created in me—will have the opportunity to blossom, be enjoyed my myself and others, and that “all these things will be added unto me.”

cookie truth

TRUTH has been a worthy endeavor and has served me well.  May we all continue to recognize it and live it out gracefully.