Summer Summary 2015


It’s officially the last day of summer–Labor Day 2015.
Here are some of my personal highlights:

Rocking out to Billy Joel, 38 Special, and the Deloreans
Finishing my first triathlon
Auditioning for a musical
Taking an epic road trip with a great friend
Witnessing several answers to prayer
Exploring the beach with a toddler
Investigating a horseshoe crab with a 7 year old
Teaching my 16 year old to drive
Walking approximately 200 miles of boardwalk, beach front, and nature trails
Observing a rehabilitated sea turtle release
Reading, eating, and sleeping outside
Putt Putt, Pizza and Pool parties with middle-schoolers
Moving into a new church building
Taking teenagers to King’s Dominion and out for ice cream
Meeting new “significant others” and watching our family expand
Learning new skills, taking a class, and sharing ideas with co-workers
Consuming copious amounts of black bean salsa, a few hundred shrimp, and taste testing all the crab cakes in Hampton Roads
Watching a school of dolphins frolic right in front of me
Sending all 4 kids to work and watching them succeed
Celebrating 24 years of marriage
Adding to my flip flop collection
Buying a bathing suit I LIKE
Angel Water, Granger county tomatoes, fireworks and watermelon
Finding a new watering hole for after work, a new barbeque place for Saturdays, and a new waterfront restaurant for special occasions
Hearing from an old friend and catching up like no time has passed
Meeting new friends, making new memories, and dreaming new dreams

Virginia Beach sunset

Good-bye Summer ’15. You’ve been a great one!


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