Breakfast Recipe for Writers

  1. Vow to write 3000 words today, but after a hearty breakfast
  2. Decide on oatmeal
  3. Make hot water for oatmeal using the coffee pot
  4. Empty oatmeal packet into bowl, maybe two
  5. Decide to add peanut butter
  6. Realize that you are out of peanut butter
  7. Go to the store for peanut butter
  8. Add blueberries and strawberries, because health
  9. Make a giant glass of water so that there will be NO MORE PROCRASTINATING
  10. Add ice because, metabolism
  11. Sit down at computer, open Word doc and stare
  12. Check email
  13. Delete 90% of emails
  14. Pat yourself on the back for not going back any farther than July
  15. Order all the things online
  16. How is it already noon?
  17. Make a sandwich decide chips over grapes, because health happened already
  18. Clean the kitchen to about 85%
  19. Put in a load of clothes & fold the two piles on the couch
  20. INSPIRATION!  Sit back down at computer
  21. Make a playlist
  22. Dogs whine for the walk you promised 4 hours ago
  23. Walk dogs and get clarity, make time goal for the words
  25. Kids come in from school – converse
  26. Race the clock speed writing until dinner
  27. Finish in the nick of time
  28. Attempt unsuccessfully to answer husband’s question:  “What did you do today?”
  29. Read other people’s awesome writing
  30. Repeat

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