Monthly Archives: September 2017

Virtual Church


Sunday morning church is a weekly source of inspiration and fuel for my spirit & soul.  This is the first time in a long time that I won’t be able to attend or serve at my church for a month…maybe more. I was selected to work on the property insurance VCT or “Virtual Catastrophe Team” to assist those families affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Just like field adjusters who get deployed to storm damaged areas, the four of us on VCT will work 12 hour days, Monday through Sunday for the next 30+ days to get our insureds the assistance they need.  The V part means that we are in the office doing the behind the scenes collaborating, estimating, and allocating  to make sure people get paid.

Since I will miss worship I decided to write a short devotion each Sunday to carry me through.  Here’s the first one:

Working in property claims we know that our jobs change with the weather and never more than with Hurricane Harvey. We are taking call after devastating call from people who are living their worst nightmare–total losses, uncertainty, and a future that has been drastically rearranged like so much floating furniture in a flooded living room. Story after tragic story it begins to take a toll and it’s easy to wonder: if God really is all-powerful, where is He in the storm and its aftermath? This is the best time to ask Him directly to show us personally where to find Him at work. As we scope the damages, let’s listen too for the members who show compassion for their neighbors and gratitude for the help they have received thus far. That is God at work. Notice those co-workers assisting you and the new bonds of teamwork knitting us together. That is God showing up. Realize the leadership and behind the scenes organization is causing the best possible outcome under the circumstances thrust upon us. And finally, realize that our past experiences, skill set and personality have brought us here for such a time as this. Stay strong!  Use ALL your resources. Keep mind, body & soul rested, ready and storm prepared.

Today, Lord help me to see you at work.
Psalm 23:2-4
Isaiah 35:3-4
Isaiah 41:10
Prob 29:25