Automatic 7 is a putt-putt inspired term that my Samford University friends & I began using in many non putt-putt related life situations and challenges.  It means “I’d rather take the maximum penalty than to keep trying to succeed at this particular place.  I’m almost about to not be having fun anymore HERE, even though YOU got a hole in one.  Yippy skip for you, let’s just move on, shall we?”  With the exception of forgiveness (70 x 7 at the very least), it is a fairly good motto to live by, if you are a non-perfectionist slacker such as we were back in the late 80s. 

TO COMMENT at Automatic7, which you are required by law to do, (this is one place where the Automatic 7 concept just DOES NOT APPLY)  just click on the place that says Comments (0) and type your comment and/or email address, and/or code name if you want one (this is 1/2 the fun, lemme just say), and/or .  Add your $0,000.02 in the Big Box and then click “Submit Comment” because, believe me, I want to hear/read what you have to say/type.  Really, I do.  It’s boring reading my own thoughts all the time.  Editing is like tweezing for me.  Never a stopping point.  I’d much rather read what others have to say.  And it’s so much easier than having your own dang blog.  So suck it up, cupcake, and COMMENT.  You’re not THAT computer illeterate.  NO you’re NOT.

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  1. Brilliant you are! And so darn funny!!!!!!! I miss you. I was in Plymouth last night…CVS next to the Market Basket(Picnic Basket?) Then dropped Joey off at a friend’s house, dropped off three boxes of books at the Plymouth Library(just keep packing…just keep pitching =0) and then went to drop off four bags of clothes at one of those donation bins. Everyone was walking around downtown eating ice cream, drinking Starbucks….and you weren’t there…and I’m leaving,too. Very wierd!

  2. Hey Mrs.H,

    I love all of the pictures. you should be a photographer.
    I miss all of you guys and hopefully ill see you guys soon.

  3. Hello there!!! You know what is Interesting?!?! I thought I was so Computer Illiterate; however, I have found that blogging and posting blog comments (as I completely AGREE that reading and typing My own thoughts do Become…quite Boring) is easily becoming an addiction…And, an Efficiency for me!!! Thank you for your input!!! And, have a great day!

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