I will interspurse the GrandView tour with some stories of our family interactions over the weekend.  First stop was Raleigh, NC where we got to see OldestCuz play SuperY soccer.  That’s her #15 rockin the braid:



She is quite the athlete and it was great to finally get to see her play…and WIN 2-1.  Haaaay!  Hoooo!   Haaaay!  Hoooooo!  Usually we have a half-time show of crazy antics, but the kids decided to shoot instead.  Even though the turf was 463,973 degrees.
Then after a quick bite we said buh bye to Hard Workin Hubby who returned to VA Beach while the kids divvied up between the 2 remaining cars for the road trip to West Jeff.  As we got closer, Aunt P and I were getting silly and got to laughing soooo hard we were needing some Depends…ifyaknowwhatImean.  I would tell you the back story but it wouldn’t even make sense or be funny now.  We were just laughing to laugh, and then laughing because we were laughing, and then crying because we were inexplicably laughing for no apparent reason and the kids all wanted to know what was so funny.  Siiiiigh.   Good times.
In addition to remarkable decorating skills, Grand had made up a huge stack of burgers and some shrimp for the masses once we arrived.  We ate to fullness and commenced to setting up camp in the bedrooms.  Upstairs, we had the 3 Atlanta Cuzzin Girls, 1 DoggieCuz and the 3 Virginia Beach Girls (me included) in here:
Meanwhile, downstairs in the lower level was the cozy nook for Uncle T & Aunt P:
And down the hall on the lower level the VA boy Cuzzins set up camp along with Fred, the Foreign Exchange Student from Brazil.
We turned in early due to a pending 6:45 wake up call for FBC Galax, VA an hour away.   This is a shot from my Sunday School classroom…it says Jehovah Jirah  PROVIDER.  I couldn’t agree more!  (Pictures from cell phones don’t enlarge, sorry).

It was a great lesson on Heaven and a wonderful sermon by GDaddy on God’s comfort during difficult times.
We had a fabulous family style lunch at a great place called Shatley Springs. 
Shatley Springs, NC on hwy 16

Shatley Springs, NC on hwy 16

There was a guy singing hymns and Elvis songs while we waited!
We had all you can eat (and man, did we succeed in eating a lot!) fried chicken, mashed potatoes & red eye gravy, yummy fresh corn, green beans, biscuits to DIE for, sweet tea, country ham and homemade cobbler for dessert.  I had blackberry a la mode.  Kill me now.
I bought a great 1000 piece VA jigsaw puzzle at the gift shop which we immediately dove into:
  Oldest Cuz, Aunt P, Fred and I stayed up working, trash talking and sharing more hysterical laughter until 2 am but we GOT R DONE!!!!
  The city where we went to church is just under the lowest dogwood blossom but down by the NC border.  Of course Virginia Beach is straight across in the far southeast corner.
Monday found us sleeping in,
  then enjoying a leisurely breakfast (for everyone but Grand, that is) of scrambled eggs, biscuits & sausage gravy, bacon & coffee until it was time to clean up, pack up and head back home.  The kids were great to pose for some (more) pictures.  (I let mine stay in their PJs for the drive home…that softened the blow).  We really had fun together and look forward to next time.
Cuzzins ROCK!  See you at Thanksgiving!

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  1. Shannon,
    I am so jealous! I knew Grandview would be that gorgeous! Remember, I had detailed description from Grand herself, and I loved hearing about every room, color, kitchen,porch etc. Feel like I have been there too.
    The pictures are wonderful, kids look great. What fun with the cousins.
    I really miss you. Your house looks wonderful too. You sound so busy already. I know I will be having a bit of depression when fall hits and BSF starts. Need to get busy with other things.
    Milana is gorgeous, and we get to see her often.
    Caribou is not the same without you, so I have taken my business to Starbucks, looking for some unsuspecting, mocha drinking stranger to talk to!
    Love you lots,

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