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For the Birds


A few suggestions from the wee hours of sleepy time:

1)  Keep it down. 

We get it.  You adorable birdies have something to say.  Maybe you’re even trying to have a conversation in the trees.  Or find your feathered friends.  Or tell them how to find you.  But if you could just use your inside voices–even though I realize you are outside–I’d be much obliged.  Just until daylight if you please.

2)  Change it up.

Here’s a thought:  If no one outside my window is responding to what you are saying in a positive way, maybe you could fly for just a few minutes to a different place.  Might I suggest the Pine Ridge neighborhood?  They are ALL early risers. 

3) Say something different.

I’m looking at you Mr. Peek Boo.  Peeeek Boo.  Peeek Boo.  Peeek Boo…………………..Peek Boo.  Newsflash NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY PEEK BOO.  IT’S TOO DARK TO BE SUCCESSFUL.  Let’s play the quiet game shall we?  Until…I don’t know, 6am?

4)  Read your Birdie Bible

I’m pretty sure interrupted sleep for 40 nights is the thing that made Noah snap and throw you all OUT OF THE ARK.