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Virginia IS for…well, you know


Beginning the descent into Norfolk (I still can’t say it right…hubby says NAHfork…pilot said NAFFok…I say NAW(bigthinkingpause)foLk it felt like I was coming home!  Home to hubby, home to a new adventure, home to the south, home to the beach. Home.

Speaking of home, I get to see the insides of our new home in two hours which is also just two days before it becomes ours.  Ours to rent, that is.  Hubby hasn’t yet begun to pack but is confident he can easily take repeated loads in the tiny Celica every day this week from the bachelor pad.  Go dude. 

This apartment has been not so great for him or for me, but it’s amazing how much better it is for me with four less kids sleeping wall to wall in the only other room. 

Babysitter Extraordinaire is doing the hauling kids around metroPlymouth this weekend for me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I saw the kids schools yesterday.  Woo hoo!  And I thought 600 was a lot of kids for an elementary school.  Their new school has 6 classes per grade level.  I went after school was out and immediately fell in love with the library.  When I can figure out how to get cell phone pix into computer, my posts will be a lot more colorful.  Help me CapriK!   

We have a house!


Looks like hubby (aka: Stud Muffin) has found a proper dwelling place for the H6!  My first blog picture…let’s see if I can do it …


woo hoo!  Forget uploading…what am I, on the geek squad?  I think not! 

Gotta love copy & paste!