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I found something breathtaking this weekend for $4.25.

W.  Carl Ealy

These beautiful Pathway Art Cards with poetry on the back.    Though blank inside, I wanted desperately to write the exact words penned by Philip Martz on the inside with my own handwriting.

The trouble is, I can’t bring myself to part with them.

And I can’t frame them because the words are as beautiful as the picture.

See for yourself:

The Sea Speaks of Life

As children, we are drawn to the sea’s call

beyond a hand-drawn universe,

by the persistent undertow, a persuasive tugging at us

despite the instinct to retreat,

or remain upright on our tiptoes.

Yet rolling waves beckon us to venture in

over our heads,

to test our meddle, to face each wave head-on,

before it lifts us up over ourselves,

dashing us against the ocean floor.

Coaxing us to swim farther out to sea,

as a necessary distraction from the cries

and arm-flapping of parents

given over to realized fears,

jealous of newfound independence,

frightened of unproven skills to navigate safely

to shore under our own volition. 

Finding traction, if not renewed courage not to panic.

Upon being served notice by any random whelk shell

that the sea speaks of life’s hard knocks

With a sustained groan,

long after childhood lessons have been absorbed.

~Philip Martz