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Breakfast Recipe for Writers

  1. Vow to write 3000 words today, but after a hearty breakfast
  2. Decide on oatmeal
  3. Make hot water for oatmeal using the coffee pot
  4. Empty oatmeal packet into bowl, maybe two
  5. Decide to add peanut butter
  6. Realize that you are out of peanut butter
  7. Go to the store for peanut butter
  8. Add blueberries and strawberries, because health
  9. Make a giant glass of water so that there will be NO MORE PROCRASTINATING
  10. Add ice because, metabolism
  11. Sit down at computer, open Word doc and stare
  12. Check email
  13. Delete 90% of emails
  14. Pat yourself on the back for not going back any farther than July
  15. Order all the things online
  16. How is it already noon?
  17. Make a sandwich decide chips over grapes, because health happened already
  18. Clean the kitchen to about 85%
  19. Put in a load of clothes & fold the two piles on the couch
  20. INSPIRATION!  Sit back down at computer
  21. Make a playlist
  22. Dogs whine for the walk you promised 4 hours ago
  23. Walk dogs and get clarity, make time goal for the words
  25. Kids come in from school – converse
  26. Race the clock speed writing until dinner
  27. Finish in the nick of time
  28. Attempt unsuccessfully to answer husband’s question:  “What did you do today?”
  29. Read other people’s awesome writing
  30. Repeat

Evening with a Hero


Last Thursday I took a long overdue road trip with my bridesmaid & college pal Jennie Glamour (at Samford University in Birmingham Alabama, we pronounced it “GLAY-am-ah”).  We drove a few hours to Richmond to see a writing guru of ours, Anne Lamott.  After chatting the whole way about college shenanigans and old crushes and how fast (or not) I should be driving, we had a fabulous dinner of burgers and beer at the Blue Goat. 

While she sat peacefully drinking in the wisdom of this newfound author to her, I wrote furiously.  Below are some random nuggets of wisdom from a great night of inspiration:

  • The only thing that every saved anyone is one person caring for another.

  • It is so easy to not do the small thing that brings hope & healing.

  • Where you are with what you have is enough.

    Where you are with what you have is plenty.

    Where you are with what you have is the perfect place to start.

  • You don’t have to rush around being perfect to earn your oxygen on this planet.

  • Messes are as much a part of creation as sharpened pencils.

  • Jesus’ theological mission statement when he walked the earth = Me too.

  • There are two responses to a loved one with crazy talk:  “Oh.  OK.”  &  “Hmmm.  Interesting.”

  • Like most people, I read the Bible faithfully and passionately when I’m in enough pain.
  • I read lots of poetry, but I also read People magazine. 



This has been a summer of risk taking.  Not sky-diving, triathlon competing, bangs-cutting type risks, but risks nonetheless.

Writing:  I made a goal to write a blog post for 24 days straight which I proudly accomplished.  Some posts were silly, some were exciting, and some were just a few words long.  It wasn’t something I was afraid of, just doubtful that I could or would complete.  I discovered that the acts of pondering and refining are essential parts of writing–which I thoroughly enjoy.   I also discovered that it is important to honor, appreciate, show attention to and gratitude for good writing.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as with any art, but someone who CAN create with words is expected to do so.  With diligence and confidence and FOCUS,  I discovered that all it takes to accomplish a dream is an idea and a START.  The rest will unfold with continued hustle.

Parenting:  My oldest son graduated from high school in June.  We were worried for a while that he might not.   I believe the word “miracle” was tossed around mid-May.  As children morph into adults, they get their own ideas of what is important, what is acceptable, and what is useless.  Newsflash:  this list is generally opposite of their parent’s ideas.  My parenting risk is the process of tweaking my vision to his, allowing the extra freedom which an 18 year old craves, which is more than I want it to be.  I must avoid becoming a massive brick wall of a frowning woman dressed in a flowerdy bathrobe & hot rollers, hands on hips holding a rolling pin and shouting, “What in the world are you thinking?”  when he shares his own dreams.  Instead I must remain a voice of reason, at a time & place it will be best heard, a respected role model and life coach, and his biggest fan.  Now is the time to remember that failure, which WILL most certainly eventually come, is never final.  For him or for us.  (But thank GOD & guidance he graduated).

Church:  Our church went from a multi-site venue to a combined, portable church in a matter of weeks.  Both sites moved which meant staff came together.  We combined services which meant volunteers came together.   We changed buildings which means all the people came together.  We had to figure out how to do this different way of meeting, participating, and worshipping.  In the children’s department, where I work, we had specific obstacles to overcome.  Everyone has something to contribute though all are challenged by change.  Risk is MAXIMIZED, but kingdom risks are often the most exciting ones to take!

At Orange Conference in April, just a few weeks before our church moved, I picked up a copy of Jon Acuff’s book START, read it in 3 days, and let it roll around in the back of my mind.  The things that I recall are how it’s never too late to start chasing a dream, fear will be a LARGE enemy that deserves to be beaten down–not THAT hard to do–and that hustle is the main way to smack fears down.

How amazing that God would place this in my life right at the time I needed to beef up for some fear smack-downs?

So now after 24 days of the START experiment (a new one begins soon–highly recommend) I choose to CONTINUE.

I will CONTINUE writing daily.

I will CONTINUE hustling and focusing and succeeding.

I will CONTINUE sending children out into the world to make it better.

Now it’s time to continue.

How to Write Like a Child


Today I stumbled on some cute kid notes on the Huffington Post and got fresh inspiration for writing:

what is love

Emma K. reminds me to just be me.


Stress happens.  Don’t let it interrupt the day.

spy rules

Great rules for spies–and humans.  Especially fond of #7, #9, and #10


Way to include necessary details, kid.  Paint that word picture!

i will NOT

 Don’t ever let anyone, ANYONE tell you what to do.


Frankie & I, we write for the craft.  Not for the stacks.

And for those times I’m feeling low, and dark, and that I have nothing to say,

I will remember this simple encouragement…

shine ass bright